For over 170 years, our highly skilled agents have provided protection for clients all over the world. Whether it is an incident response to an unexpected contingency, planning for a future event, or embedding a security team, we are here to guide and support.  

We can help navigate your organization through risks in the marketplace by providing continuity between your strategic objectives and the implementation of tactical protections services.

About Pinkerton protective services

Our protection services — for people, assets, property, and places — fall under a combination of two broad categories: duration and protection type. 

When you partner with Pinkerton, a trusted Risk Advisor will assess, identify, and understand the interconnectivity of the different types of risk impacting you or your company.

This information becomes important as we design an effective action plan based off your industry, risks, and specific needs. This preparation allows us to deliver exceptional protection — and with resources all over the world, we’re ready when you need us.

Response services

In times of crisis, we are by your side from start to finish providing rapid response when and where you need it. Our response team works with you to deploy the right tactical services based on the type of incident.

Onsite protection

Since 1850, Pinkerton agents have placed one value above all others — to protect our clients and their interests with dedication and persistence. From start to finish your protection and operations teams will exceed your expectations by clearly outlining timelines, SOPs, and specific contract details and delivering exceptional service.

Executive protection

At Pinkerton, we believe that executive protection should never be mistaken for body guarding. Protect your organization’s executives and key personnel from harassment, physical harm, or other potential threats with a holistic protection strategy that includes advanced preparations, meticulous planning, timely information, and staffed by highly trained professionals.

Workplace violence mitigation

In some cases, a reduction in force or the closing of a facility can pose a safety and security risk. Companies need to prepare for a wide variety of potential employee reactions, including the possibility of hostility toward other employees and management. In the event of a workplace disturbance, we offer a wide range of risk-mitigating solutions, before and during.

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