Embedded support services

Our mission goes beyond protecting your organization — we create value for your company. As the threat landscape constantly changes, it is imperative to have the right people in place. People who fully understand your organization’s vulnerabilities, stay current with the latest risk-mitigating trends and techniques, and have instant access to vital and accurate information from around the world.

We can help navigate your organization through risks in the marketplace by providing embedded support. More than a staffing option, embedded subject matter experts (SMEs) are highly experienced professionals who are integrated into your organization to deliver superior, reliable, and timely risk mitigation. Their deep understanding of your business and local market knowledge allows them to provide leadership level of support in a variety of roles.

Pinkerton Subject Matter Experts Differ From Staffing Services

One of the key differentiators between SMEs and staffing agencies, is that our embedded SMEs are backed by experts and resources. We don’t just help you focus on your goals — we are an extension of your company and work to harmonize your unique needs with our people and knowledge. 

With expertise in security and risk, they also are a valuable access point into the entire Pinkerton global network. Our proven embedded support model for continuous performance growth and development is backed by 170 years of experience. You can leverage our specialization, industry benchmarking, global infrastructure and resources, and comprehensive platform to drive your company’s success. Since we are a diverse and purpose driven organization, we can provide the right mix of people for your organization.