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Our mission goes beyond protecting your organization — we create value for your company. As the threat landscape constantly changes, it is imperative to have the right people in place — people who fully understand your organization’s vulnerabilities, stay current with the latest risk-mitigating trends and techniques, and have instant access to vital and accurate information from around the world.

We can help navigate your organization through risks in the marketplace by providing embedded support personnel. More than a staffing option, embedded subject matter experts (SMEs) are specialists who integrate into your organization to deliver superior, reliable, and timely risk mitigation. Their deep understanding of your business and local market knowledge allows them to provide leadership level of support in a variety of roles.

Pinkerton Subject Matter Experts Differ From Staffing Services

One of the key differences between Pinkerton and staffing agencies is that our embedded SMEs are backed by experts and resources. We don't just source personnel for your organization, we focus on your goals. We become an extension of your organization and work to harmonize your unique needs with our people and knowledge. We are there at every step of the way, starting with identifying the right expert for your organization.

With expertise in security and risk, our embedded SMEs are a valuable access point into the entire Pinkerton global network. Our proven embedded support model for continuous performance growth and development is backed by 170 years of experience. You can leverage our specialization, industry benchmarking, global infrastructure and resources, and comprehensive platform to drive your company’s success.


Intelligence analysts

Risk & security managers

Risk & security advisors


Security systems & operations managers

Logistics & supply chain managers

Event security specialists


GSOC operators

Security agents

Executive protection agents

Security drivers

Technical Specialists

Program managers

Data analytics specialists

Training managers

Quality, compliance, & assurance specialists

Strategic: Strategic Embedded SMEs are highly skilled specialists who provide comprehensive intelligence and risk management services to organizations. These experts, including intelligence analysts, in-house investigators, security systems managers, and logistics and supply chain managers, play a crucial role in helping organizations navigate complex security landscapes. Their strategic insights and understanding of risk help clients make informed decisions, ensuring the safety and security of their operations and assets.

Tactical: Tactical Embedded SMEs are the security and operational backbone for organizations, addressing on-ground security and personnel protection needs. Embedded SMEs are thoroughly vetted and highly trained for today’s threat landscape to proactively assess and counter potential threats. Onsite protection agents are adept at implementing security measures, ensuring that organizations can carry out their daily operations without disruption.

Our embedded personnel protection agents and security drivers are adept in maintaining discretion, ensuring a safe environment while you conduct business meetings and attend events. With the flexibility to accompany you at the office, at your residence, and everywhere in between, our agents are dedicated to your safety and peace of mind.

Technical Specialists: Pinkerton embedded Technical Specialists possess a deep understanding and expertise in security technology and systems. They are responsible for designing, implementing, and managing technical security measures to safeguard your organization's assets, information, and personnel.

Specialists can also oversee your existing security programs, integrate advanced security technology, and continuously assess technical security controls to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Their role is crucial in identifying vulnerabilities, mitigating risks, and maintaining a robust security posture in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

As part of Pinkerton's commitment to excellence, embedded SMEs are supported by the organization's global resources and ongoing professional development opportunities to stay at the forefront of security technology and best practices.

Pinkerton Analyst Centers

Security operations centers come in all shapes and sizes — some of which have limited tools, staffing, and resources available to monitor ongoing threats. These limitations can impact your ability to respond to these threats and communicate with your stakeholders, creating obstacles for risk and security mitigation.

When you partner with Pinkerton, you add a knowledge layer to your organization. We can embed a fully dedicated, in-house team into your organization to deliver intelligence, security management, analysis, investigations, and more. Since we are a diverse and purpose-driven organization, we can provide the right mix of people for your organization.

Pinkerton’s Analyst Centers are staffed by our industry experts who have a deep understanding of the trends, challenges, and opportunities your organization faces. They can detect and analyze everything from internal security threats to neighborhood crime risks, supply chain disruptions, compliance and regulatory issues, natural disasters, and geopolitical situations from around the world, depending on your organization’s unique security and risk management needs and where you conduct business.

It’s like having a security council at your fingertips. Our embedded analysts will provide intelligence-led reports for decision-making support and help your organization respond quickly to security incidents, minimizing negative impacts.

Benefits of Pinkerton’s Embedded SME Program

Lower cost of acquisition: Pinkerton assumes the cost and leverages our in-house human resources function to recruit, onboard, and conduct most of the training for qualified talent.

Shorter ramp-up time: Embedded SMEs become fully productive in a shorter amount of time than an in-house-hired,full-time employee. Prior to placement, they are trained to meet our premium standards for corporate security-related tasks.

Access to global resources: Embedded SMEs share the same global network of resources as all other Pinkerton employees and can directly access Pinkertons in other parts of the world to share industry best practices and benchmarking.

Continued industry training: Embedded SMEs continue to receive top-tier training, at no additional cost to the client.

Reach back to the Center of Excellence: Pinkerton’s Center of Excellence (COE) regularly engages with embedded SMEs to promote professional development, encourage community and collaboration, and identify and implement industry best practices.

The Pinkerton Difference

Pinkerton’s Embedded SMEs are game changers for any business or organization looking to stay ahead of the curve. With specialized knowledge and expertise in their field, they can provide valuable insights and guidance to help improve operations, make strategic decisions, and drive growth from within your analyst center or threat management or risk management programs.

Our embedded SMEs are also a valuable access point into the entire Pinkerton global network. Additionally, you will have a gateway to our investigations and protection divisions to give additional support, should you require it. We never stop working for you.

We never sleep.

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