At Pinkerton, we are security and risk management experts, and one thing we know is that risk is unavoidable and everywhere. Seemingly disconnected events can have a ripple effect around the globe, affecting businesses in both large and small ways. Even for organizations that may not yet be operating on a global scale, there are always emerging threats from our increasingly interconnected world. A fuel shortage in Latin America, a natural disaster in Asia, or legislative changes in Europe could severely impact supply chains and business continuity in North America and Australia.

Risk can be assessed and managed with the right approach. This strategy is at the core of everything we do. We help you understand the risks you face today so you can better prepare for tomorrow.

Total Risk Perspective

The risk landscape is ever-changing. It is essential to have the right perspective when designing and implementing a strategy that considers both current and future risks. This means identifying what real risks are out there — the ones right inside your door, the ones down the street, and the ones on the other side of the world — and determining how they are interconnected and how these risks can impact your organization.

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Knowledge Based Design

The concept of using data to forecast business trends is not new. For many organizations, assessing risk means reviewing historical and anecdotal information to best guess where they are vulnerable. This approach is limited and so are the results.

We do things differently. We leverage our experience and expertise with applied risk science methodology — in other words, data-driven insights infused with our people, technology, and history-backed knowledge — to not only thoroughly identify your risks but also address them.

Our approach

End to End Delivery

Our mission is to protect our clients. To do this, we provide services and programs that are designed specifically for each client because every organization is different and so are their security needs. From start to finish, strategic planning to tactical implementation, temporary to permanent — we can do it all. One point of contact. Consistent approach. World-class delivery.

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Local Access Global Delivery

From our humble beginnings as America’s first detective agency in the mid-1800s, Pinkerton has grown into a preeminent global enterprise operating with the same level of integrity, vigilance, and excellence in more than 100 countries. Whether your needs begin in New York and end in Sao Paolo, Stockholm, or Beijing, we’ve got Pinkertons on the ground who are dedicated to your security and peace of mind.

We never sleep.

Our approach
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The Pinkerton Difference

Our team of experts excel at assessing every aspect of risk your organization faces today, designing the most effective solution for your needs, and delivering customized services and solutions to you 24/7. Whether it’s strategic or tactical, incident-driven or full-time, when you choose Pinkerton, you’re choosing a holistic approach and comprehensive solution, backed by over 170 years of experience.

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