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Pinkerton’s comprehensive due diligence is designed to meet the needs of even the most complex situations. We collaborate closely with you and your stakeholders to ensure that the scope of your needs is fully understood, enabling us to deliver a SCOUT by Pinkerton that is credible, timely, and actionable information you can count on.

Trust SCOUT by Pinkerton to provide you with the insights and intelligence you need to navigate critical decision-making processes with confidence.

SCOUT Business Insights

KYC/KYS, mergers and acquisitions, investments, business verification, immigration

Before entering into any business agreement or transaction, understanding potential risks is paramount. SCOUT by Pinkerton assures that your prospective affiliations — including partners, buyers, sellers, suppliers, vendors, intermediaries, and immigration applicants — are in good standing and fully compliant with all regulations. This helps fortify your partnerships and ensure greater success.

SCOUT Life Safety Reports

Individuals, workplace violence, targeted threats, internet exposure, tripwire monitoring

By conducting due diligence and open-source information research, SCOUT Life Safety investigations are designed to evaluate the threat of violence and gather information about a subject of interest (SOI). SCOUT Life Safety Reports by Pinkerton can help you can gain valuable insights into the credibility, qualifications, and potential risks or other red flags associated with specific individuals and assess the likelihood of violence.

SCOUT Investigative Reports

Whistleblower claims, fraud, brand protection, financial crime, custom due diligence

Your brand is your reputation, and it must be fiercely protected, especially when there is evidence, suspicion, or allegations of wrongdoing. By proactively investigating fraudulent activities and misconduct, you can make informed decisions, safeguard your organization's resources, and preserve the trust and loyalty of your stakeholders, ensuring your brand's long-term success.

About Pinkerton scouts

Our founder, Allan Pinkerton, and his team of scouts played a critical role in gathering intelligence during the U.S. Civil War, providing a tactical advantage on the battlefield. Skilled in reconnaissance and surveillance, they navigated enemy territory, monitored enemy movements, and gathered crucial information that aided military decision-making.

Pinkerton “scouts” still play a crucial role. Organizations today rely on our research and intelligence to help shape their strategies, identify vulnerabilities, and anticipate threats, ensuring the success and safety of their operations across diverse environments.

Don’t leave the security and success of your organization to chance. Trust SCOUT.

Pinkerton comprehensive solutions

Based on the information and evaluation gathered for your investigation, concerning behaviors may be flagged for further assessment. If any incidents require escalation, we’re here for that, too. Pinkerton Response Services can rapidly deploy agents to safeguard your people, places, and assets worldwide 24/7/365.

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