Investigation Services

Throughout history, we’ve served as guardians and protectors of organizations, defining new standards for investigations, and consistently revolutionizing our industry. With over 170+ years of experience, Pinkerton has cemented itself in the pages of history as a leader in investigative services; establishing the first criminal database, being the first company to hire a female detective, and being a forerunner for the secret service, among other accomplishments. Even our logo, the private eye, comes from our expertise in investigations.

When investigating, we take a comprehensive approach, examining both internal and external risk factors, and identifying all potential impacts to your organization and bottom line. After which, we design a customized solution, providing continuity between strategy and activity. Our operations include the full spectrum of investigative services, including surveillance, research and reporting, field interviews, recovery, and more.

What Does the Investigation Process Look Like?

Investigations have several phases that address the depth and nuance of an investigation. During this time, we assess your needs with a series of industry questions to better understand your situation and provide a custom solution and additional recommendations.

The length of time an investigation takes depends on many factors, particularly complexity. And while many investigations are done on an as-needed basis, a large number of our clients choose to use our investigative services continually, due to its impact on their bottom line.

Investigative services can fall under corporate, compliance, or litigation support.

Corporate Investigations

Pinkerton provides extensive and comprehensive solutions, conducting corporate level investigations on behalf of major domestic and international corporations. Services are scalable, giving us the ability to quickly pivot from strategic services to tactical solutions, should your unique situation require it. Learn more >>


Our compliance team excels at conducting investigations of whistleblower claims for global corporations like yours. Our services support compliance and ethics policies by providing investigations into areas like employee harassment, due diligence, anti-corruption, embezzlements, and more. Learn more >>

Litigation Support

Our team of legal and investigative professionals can help litigators and corporate legal departments by providing strategic guidance and support in complex and high stakes litigation. Learn more >>

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