Throughout history, we’ve served as advisors and consultants for organizations, defining new standards for investigations and consistently driving change within our industry. With over 170 years of experience, Pinkerton has cemented itself in the pages of history as a leader in investigative services: establishing the first criminal database, hiring the first female detective, and being a forerunner for the secret service, among other accomplishments. Even our logo, the private eye, comes from our investigative expertise.

Global Investigation Services

We take a comprehensive approach to investigations, examining both internal and external risk factors and identifying all potential impacts to your organization and bottom line. Since every client situation is unique and specific to their industry, Pinkerton focuses on the issue and objectives and produces the proper investigative strategy. Whether our approach requires highly-specialized experts or field-level specialists, we can deploy both strategic and/or tactical solutions.

Core Practice Areas

Compliance & Ethics

Financial Crime

  • Anti-money Laundering 
  • Embezzlement
  • Securities Violations


  • FCPA/ UK Bribery Act
  • Induced Payments

Other Regulation

  • Sanctions & Political Exposure
  • Know Your Client
  • Workplace Violence & Harassment
  • Threat Assessment

Contact Tracing

Whistleblower Claims

Conflicts of Interest



Internal & External Fraud

Intellectual Property Protection

  • Brand Protection
  • Counterfeit
  • Loss Prevention
  • Infringement of Patents, Trademarks & Copyright
  • Trade Secrets Violations

Supply Chain

Specific Threats POI / GOI

  • OSINT Research & Persistent Monitoring
  • Background Vetting
  • Online Vulnerability Assessments

Litigation Support

Asset Searches

Computer forensics


Forensic Accounting

Evidence Management

Pre-trial Due Diligence

  • Local Expert Witness
  • Juror Due Diligence

Our Methodology

  • icon representing investigative strategy

    Investigative Strategy

    Assist clients with evaluating matters of concern and developing an effective plan with focused investigative objectives

  • icon representing due diligence

    Due Diligence

    Targeted risk-based research and analysis 

    Multi-jurisdictional and scalable to address all aspects of a business with emphasis on regulatory, M&A, litigation, or personnel matters

  • icon representing strategic to tactical delivery

    Statistic to Tactical Delivery

    Whether on the ground or desk-based methods, Pinkerton can provide highly skilled resources for your needs

  • icon representing open source intelligence

    Open-Source Intelligence

    Dynamic solutions applied to assess/monitor high-threat matters and utilized as a key tool with on-going investigations

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