Risks are a hazard for any organization — but you can avoid or minimize the impact of risks by being properly prepared with a defined strategy, coordinated contingency plan, and proper implementation. With over 170 years of experience in security and risk management, we can help you in ways that save revenue, businesses, and even lives.

Our structured approach to preparation, prevention, response, and recovery has helped organizations map out policies and procedures before incidents happen. Should an event occur, we provide services that assist you with business recovery and continuity, both locally and globally.

How Pinkerton can help

With the multitude of global risks, organizations need to prepare thoroughly for the full range of threats present. While some risks are common among organizations and can be avoided or planned for, there are unforeseen, potentially non-controllable risks — reputation, regulatory, trade secrets, political, pandemics — that organizations fail to recognize and develop a mitigation plan. We have a deep understanding of risks in all environments which allows us to use a systematic approach to mitigating risk, containing threats, and recovering swiftly. We know what to look for and where.

About Pinkerton security and risk consulting

When you partner with us, you can expect more than a plan. We provide you with the tools and support to prepare for threats, build resiliency, and drive culture. When an organization reaches a higher level of readiness, it will see increased employee morale and enhanced brand reputation, which can result in better community relations and a more successful bottom line.

Whether we are reviewing an existing plan or helping you build one, we will collaborate with you and your stakeholders to obtain an accurate picture of your company’s culture, pain points, and current procedures. We will assess your company’s risks and design an effective framework that shifts your organization from reactive to proactive.

About Pinkerton’s return on investment (ROI) analysis

Identify the qualitative and quantitative value of your security program.

One of the greatest challenges to corporate security directors is demonstrating the value of their security budget to decision-makers, who are, in turn, trying to determine necessary operational expenses and investments. Through our experience, corporate security can be considered a business enabler due to the prevalence of risk management and the role that corporate security plays in mitigating risk. It is a common practice, however, for corporate security to be considered a cost center.

At Pinkerton we help our clients build a business case that quantifies their return on investment on security and risk management spend. For instance, the impact of just one significant incident — such as physical security breach, theft, or workplace violence — could far exceed an organization’s total annual security budget with direct financial losses and legal implications as well as the loss of assets, inventory, and employee productivity. And depending on the severity of the incident, there may be longer-term consequences such as decreased consumer confidence, reputational damage, increased insurance premiums, and facility closures.

ROI assess and design methodology

While there is no universal answer to how much an organization should spend on its security, Pinkerton is here to assist you in protecting what you value most and to demonstrate how your security budget can deliver an efficient ROI.

Our team works with your team to review program, incident, threat, and expenditure data to identify qualitative and quantitative trends and build threat scenarios. Then, we calculate the cost impact to determine the ROI range per security initiative, deliver a detailed analysis of findings and benchmarks, and provide Pinkerton initiative recommendations and implementation roadmaps aligned with your chosen option.

When you can empirically demonstrate the value of your holistic security program and tie your security budget to people and increased profits, you are helping your organization achieve its business goals and work toward an innovative future.

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