Organized retail crime poses a growing challenge for the industry, with annual industry losses nearing tens of billions of dollars, according to the National Retail Federation. These crimes are far from isolated shoplifting incidents. They involve sophisticated operations by criminal organizations that systematically steal large quantities of goods and profit from those goods through reselling.

With the SAFE-T Act and similar legislation shaping guardianship decisions, organizations need to prepare comprehensive plans to defer theft and crime.

pull quote: "What we've seen has caused ORC crimes to spike. What used to be a felony in some states is now a misdemeanor."

Pinkerton solutions to mitigate organized retail crime (ORC) risk

Our expertise and experience in organized retail crime can provide you with the support you need to not only investigate crime in your stores and along your supply chain but also mitigate the impact on profitability, operations, and business continuity.


  • Evidence collection and management, including via online marketplaces and social media
  • Identify and track organized criminal networks
  • Surveillance
  • Cargo theft and product recovery
  • Threat assessments and management programs to monitor localized threats
  • Collaboration with law enforcement
  • SCOUT Investigative Reports — due diligence for theft and fraud

Advisory and security management

  • Risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Risk and security advisory for trends, emerging threats, and best practices, including crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED)
  • Program design and implementation

Protection and response

  • Asset protection
  • Cargo security/high value asset escort
  • Ad-hoc and permanent protection teams for people and property

AI-powered products

  • Pinkerton Crime Index for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., and Australia to monitor crime patterns and seasonality to support guardianship decision-making

Protect your organization

Safeguard your business against organized retail crime. Our comprehensive services provide the expertise, strategies, and protection you need to safeguard your organization against ORC. Contact us today to discuss how Pinkerton's ORC solutions can help mitigate risks, enhance security, and protect your bottom line.

The next step for long-term ORC solutions

Enhance your organization’s security culture, anticipate and adapt to emerging threats, and strengthen your ORC program with Pinkerton Embedded Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

  • Intelligence analysts
  • Risk & security managers
  • ORC risk advisors
  • ORC program managers
  • Investigators
  • Logistics & supply chain security managers

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Protect your locations from organized retail crime

Get the support you need to investigate crime in your stores and along your supply chain with Pinkerton comprehensive solutions.

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