Crime Index

Analyze and forecast risk with 90% accuracy through Pinkerton Crime Index reports and dashboards for U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Sweden, and Australia.

Instant Reports to Make Confident Decisions

Take a technologically advanced approach to mitigating risk with expert-level crime forecasting powered by AI and frontier data science that’s updated monthly, tested, and delivered with practical context and analysis to help you protect your business locations. When you know what’s happening beyond your walls, you can better protect what’s inside of them. Learn more »

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    How can I Improve my security Practices?

    Standardize your baseline security measures by recognizing common threats to your business locations and what measures you can take to protect them.

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    How much should I spend on security?

    Prioritize your budget for facilities that need it the most by identifying which locations are currently at the greatest risk for crime and where to best allocate resources in the future.

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    How do we ensure security compliance?

    Keep current with insurance, regulatory, duty of care, and other similar compliance requirements by understanding what crime risks your business locations are facing today.

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Powerful Dashboard with 24/7 Access

Observe, compare, and analyze crime risk for all your locations at once, with interactive maps, monthly updates, custom comparisons, and exportable data, and accessible from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. We never sleep, so you can.

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