Introducing Pinkerton Risk Pulse, the first application to merge intricate site-specific risk assessments into a singular, easy-to-understand report. Our timely and reliable reports cover six key categories, including crime, natural disasters, wildfires, electrical outages, local economic risks, and industrial hazards — each with unique potential to harm employees, clients, and valuable assets.

Pinkerton Risk Pulse uses advanced algorithms and proprietary data analysis methodologies that address challenges such as delayed, inaccurate, or missing data for your locations to provide comprehensive insights into the overall risk environment of a specific location. All this is backed by Pinkerton’s expertise. 

What are the key elements of site-specific risk assessment reports?

Business continuity planning requires an objective assessment, specifically of the risks that can disrupt your goals at your locations. Risk Pulse equips your organization with reliable and accurate data for those locations.

Applications for Pinkerton Risk Pulse

Navigate through risk uncertainties with confidence using our powerful tool that provides you with reliable information for critical decision-making.

expansion graphic showcasing risk pulse and the 6 categories it supports

Crime Risk

Our Crime Risk Analysis from the Pinkerton Crime Index simplifies the complex world of crime data, so you understand your neighborhood’s crime landscape and make confident decisions. We look at detailed reports from various law enforcement agencies and crunch the numbers to understand trends and patterns.

  • Trusted Sources: We gather data from local to federal law enforcement to provide you with the most comprehensive picture. 
  • Seasonal Understanding: Crime isn't constant; we'll show you how it changes throughout the year so you will know what to expect in winter, spring, summer, and fall. 
  • Recent and Long-term Trends: Get the latest 12-month rolling snapshot, as well as a look back over the last five years to see the bigger picture of your location. 
  • Severity Matters: Not all crimes weigh equally in our analysis — serious offenses count more, while we still keep an eye on the less severe. 
  • Risk Management: With a clear index, you can gauge the overall crime risk in your neighborhood and feel secure in your planning. 

Natural Disasters

We use authoritative information from FEMA to assess how often — and how fiercely — 14 different natural disasters could impact your neighborhoods. Understand which aspects of your organization might be more exposed — be ready for anything the skies might send your way.

  • Data-Driven Insights: We look at the big picture, measuring the frequency and severity of natural threats from tornadoes to floods. 
  • Local Focus: Your neighborhood's hazard index score is our key figure, telling you the estimated annual risk to buildings, crops, and even people in terms everyone can understand. 
  • Economic Perspective: We calculate the potential dollar damage to your local economy, not just count the events. 
  • Human Element: Lives are invaluable, so we estimate the financial impact of human casualties, always hoping those numbers remain theoretical.


Understanding wildfire risk should be on your radar — especially if you're located in or expanding to areas prone to these natural events. We're here to help you make informed decisions by simplifying complex wildfire risk data. 

  • Expertise You Can Trust: We use data from the USDA Forest Service, experts in forest management and wildfire behavior. 
  • Local and National Scope: Whether it's a specific neighborhood, county, or state, we've calculated wildfire risks across the country. 
  • Clear Index Scores: We provide easy-to-understand scores that rank the wildfire risk of an area, so you know exactly what you're stepping into. 
  • Community Insight: Protect not just your operations but also contribute to the safety and well-being of the neighborhood. 
  • Peace of Mind: With our data, you can have confidence in the resilience of your business location against wildfire threats. 

Economic Risk

When it comes to economic risk, the local landscape is key. We offer a straightforward snapshot of the economic vitality and potential risks facing neighborhoods nationwide.

  • Local Employment Trends: We keep our finger on the pulse of job markets by tracking unemployment rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  • Growth at a Glance: Local economic growth isn’t just a number to us. We watch the GDP and consumer spending to paint a full picture. 
  • Socioeconomic Insight: We look deeper at education, income, home ownership, and poverty rates. Our socioeconomic index gives you a relative sense of community prosperity. 
  • Strategic Planning: Understand the socioeconomic backdrop and pinpoint areas with economic growth potential for strategic business decisions. 

Electrical Outage

Power is the lifeline of any business and knowing about the reliability of the electrical grid in the area can be a game-changer. We leverage detailed data from the Department of Energy to keep you powered and prepared for the future.

  • Event Tracking: We keep tabs on how many times the lights have gone out and why — whether it was caused by weather, system failures, or something more sinister. 
  • Outage Insights: Every second without power counts. We estimate the downtime so you can gauge the local grid's steadfastness. 
  • Cause Clarity: Understand whether outages are due to natural causes or other risks, helping you plan your operational needs with precision. 
  • Future Forecasting: Our insights provide a clearer view of electrical reliability trends. 

Industrial Hazard

It's smart to know what's happening in the neighborhood where your facilities are located. That's where we come in — our Industrial Hazard analysis paints a clear picture of the potential risks nearby, from smokestacks to storage tanks.

  • Comprehensive Database: We tap into the EPA's extensive records to check on all the known hazards around your location. 
  • Layered Assessment: We review the potential risks for atmospheric pollution, radioactive materials, and hazardous waste handling within reach. 
  • Measured Distances: We've defined specific zones around these facilities that reflect their risk types and how an incident could affect the area. 
  • Planning and Expansion: Insights that help you brace for any industrial curveballs.

What are the applications for Pinkerton Risk Pulse risk assessment reports?

Navigate through risk uncertainties with confidence using our powerful tool that provides you with reliable information for critical decision-making. 

  • Risk Mitigation. Equip your organization with data to enhance the protection of stakeholders and assets aligned with your risk profile. 
  • Resource Allocation. Optimize your security budget with Pinkerton’s risk management insights. 
  • Risk Assessment. Gain detailed insights into various risks, ranging from crime to natural disasters. 
  • Compliance. Support duty of care and regulatory needs with data-driven reports. 
  • Location Benchmarking. Evaluate and compare site risks nationally to make more informed decisions. 
  • Investment Decisions. Use site-specific risk analysis to strategically guide your capital investments. 

Connect with our team to learn more about Risk Pulse and how to partner with Pinkerton. Together, we can build a strong foundation for preparedness and ongoing success.