Embarking on travel, whether for business or personal reasons, exposes you to an array of risks and uncertainties. At Pinkerton, we provide comprehensive Corporate Travel Safety and Security Services designed to address and mitigate these challenges, offering peace of mind and protection for executives and key personnel.

With Pinkerton’s unique blend of protection, innovative technology, and tailored reports, our suite of services encompasses every facet of travel security, from pre-trip intelligence to in-transit safety, ensuring your corporate travelers can focus on their objectives while we take care of your security.


About Pinkerton Travel Security Solutions

Executive and Key Personnel Protection

Whether it’s for reestablishing supply chains, expanding markets, or meeting stakeholders face to face, corporate business executives and key personnel may find themselves visiting regions locally or internationally that could pose a threat to themselves and their organizations.

We recognize the unique security challenges that executives and VIPs face during travel. Our rigorous advanced planning and coordination with local authorities are designed to provide a seamless and secure travel experience.

Our Executive Protection service provides highly trained and thoroughly vetted close protection agents, along with individually tailored security strategies, to proactively assess and counter potential threats. Our agents, adept in maintaining discretion, ensure a safe environment while you conduct business meetings and attend events. With the flexibility to accompany you during transit or greet you upon arrival, our agents are dedicated to your safety and peace of mind.

  • Rapid agent deployment worldwide, 24/7
  • Armed and unarmed agents
  • Ad hoc armed or unarmed agents with extensive backgrounds in security and law enforcement
  • Preparation and assistance for planned situations, altering plans/routes at a moment’s notice if needed
  • Liaison with local authorities
  • Contingency plans for family emergencies and crisis response

Security Drivers

Transportation often presents a vulnerable juncture for travelers. With Pinkerton’s Security Drivers (armed or unarmed), clients receive more than just a ride — they are afforded a secure ground transit experience by vetted local professionals trained in defensive driving and emergency response. Paired with our advanced deployment strategy, where we prepare the routes and destinations in advance, we ensure a secure and efficient travel experience. 

  • Daily schedule coordination
  • Security advances of all venues to be visited
  • Primary and alternate route identification
  • Emergency services identification and coordination

Travel Threat Analysis Report

Knowledge is the cornerstone of security. You should understand what is happening in the part of the world where you are traveling. Pinkerton's travel security risk assessments deliver detailed analysis of potential threats in the areas of travel, political climate, health concerns, environmental hazards, natural disasters, and transportation disruption. This intelligence is crucial for informed decision-making and travel planning, enabling travelers to be aware of and avoid high-risk areas.

  • Travel and regional threat level
  • Detailed maps
  • Recent incidents and key points
  • Recommendations
  • Social considerations
  • Information security

Pinkerton Crime Index Reports

We’ve taken the guesswork out of crime risk. Clients traveling to or operating within the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Sweden, or Australia can leverage our Pinkerton Crime Index (PCI) reports — our AI and frontier data science platform, and the first accurate and consistent measure of neighborhood crime risk and trends.

Our detailed reports provide up-to-date analyses and insights into crime risk and trends for the seven major crime types at a neighborhood level on a monthly scale. This means you can enhance your security strategies for your corporate travelers accordingly — such as where they should stay and where to play.

Our reports can also help you make informed decisions about the locations where you intend to establish or expand operations. With PCI you can compare crime risk and trends in neighborhoods on the East Coast to neighborhoods on the West Coast and anywhere in between.

  • Emergency services identification and coordination
  • Crime risk score
  • Crime risk maps
  • Neighborhood spillover
  • Components of crime and severity weighting
  • Crime dynamics and month-over-month trends
  • Regional summary
Quote image from Alexandra Arguelles, Pinkerton Crime Index: "It's not just about where your hotel and other destinations are located."

SCOUT Reports by Pinkerton

In-depth knowledge about people and entities relevant to your travel can be indispensable. Our SCOUT Reports offer detailed background checks, due diligence investigations, and intelligence gathering to inform your travel and business interactions, reducing the potential for encountering nefarious characters, fraudulent activities, and targeted threats of violence. Don't leave the security and success of your organization to chance. Trust SCOUT.

  • Targeted threats of violence
  • Internet exposure
  • Checks on close business associates
  • On-the-ground supplier/distributor site visits

Even when you are not traveling, you can trust SCOUT for comprehensive due diligence, providing invaluable strategic insights, assessing potential compliance issues, investigating threats to personal safety, and managing reputation risks to support your evidence-based decision-making.

Image featuring SCOUT. Text reads, "Go beyond standard background checks. SCOUT by Pinkerton due diligence."

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Response Services

When corporate executives and key personnel travel to environments they cannot fully secure, such as hotel rooms, meeting rooms, and vehicles, ensuring the privacy of their conversations is paramount. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) play a crucial role in safeguarding their confidential information. Our service includes sweeps conducted by experts to ensure that these spaces are free of illicit electronic eavesdropping devices, protecting sensitive information. Along with a high-tech sweep for unauthorized audio and video devices, our experts perform a thorough physical search for:

  • Bugged telephones and Polycom phone systems
  • Idle surveillance equipment that may be turned off or out of batteries
  • Reflections from camera lenses
  • Passwords left on desks or under keyboards
  • Computers left on and logged in
  • Inadequate document disposal and paper shredders

The Pinkerton Difference

With our holistic approach and seasoned expertise in protection and security, you can embark on every journey with confidence, knowing that our global resources and intelligence-led services are securing your path. Whether you are seeking an international travel risk assessment or close protection, Pinkerton is the answer to your safety and security.

Quote image from Shantanu Krishna, Managing Director: It's our mission to take care of anything, everything related to security.

Taking the Next Step to Long-Term Travel Safety and Security Solutions

If you find you need a solution that provides long-term protection to executives, key personnel, or high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) from potential threats, consider our Embedded Subject Matter Experts or HNWI Protection Programs. These comprehensive programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual and their family, respecting their lifestyle, daily routines, and travel plans.

About Pinkerton Protection Agents

Since 1850, Pinkerton agents have placed one value above all others — to protect our clients and their interests with dedication and persistence. An agent’s life was often challenging as they faced dangers and valiantly put themselves in harm’s way to fulfill their duties. In doing so, they earned the respect of clients and peers alike.

As the legacy continues, our agents commit to living and breathing the values of our organization: integrity, vigilance, and excellence.

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