Whether you are updating your security plans, assessing your organization’s risk, or conducting risk assessments as part of a compliance requirement, Pinkerton will identify threats, vulnerabilities, and gaps at your facility and within your existing security procedures. Pinkerton can also provide actionable recommendations to help you avert potential security incidents to keep you and your employees safe.

At Pinkerton, our granular, site-level risk assessments are carried out by experts and backed by frontier data science and machine learning technology for reliable and accurate results. These are just a few reasons why our risk assessments are being considered an industry standard.

Pinkerton’s approach to risk assessments

Our comprehensive assessments take a total risk perspective to assess your organization’s risk profile. This approach allows our security risk assessment consultants to understand your risk profile from a macro to micro level.

Diagram showing our approach to risk assessments, structural to variable. A series of nested circles show potential risk factors: country and region threat analysis, city-level threat analysis, site threat analysis, and facility risk assessments.

Structural risks (macro)

Structural risk assessment considers the threat environment relevant to the organization, including natural disasters, crime, specific location-based threats, and more. Structural risks are uncontrollable but can be mitigated with security and risk management measures once they occur. Learn more about Threat Analysis.

Variable risks (micro)

Variable risk assessment reviews risks and threats that can be controlled and influenced by internal decision-making. Variable risks are more predictable and controllable than structural risks. They can be mitigated by adequately implementing controls and measures.

About our risk assessments

Site vulnerability assessments

At Pinkerton, we take a comprehensive approach to risk assessments. We gauge your variable and structural risks. We start with your structural risk assessments, powered by the Pinkerton Crime Index, which forecasts crime at a street level with 93% accuracy. We then identify and assess your variable risks and vulnerabilities to your facility, which may include entryway security, people with access to your facility, employee preservation, and more. Our Site Vulnerability Assessments assess gaps between policies, procedures, and practices at the site, regional or enterprise-level, from small facilities to large campuses.

Program assessments

After looking into relevant risks and vulnerabilities, our team can take the next step to review your existing policies and programs. During the assessment, we dig into your documented policies and procedures as well as interview stakeholders for a complete picture of your security program. Our experts provide a detailed security vulnerability report identifying your facility’s security gaps and pain points.

Our program assessments include workplace violence prevention programs, lock and key, mail and package handling, on-boarding and off-boarding personnel, crisis management, travel security, guard force management, and more.

Bespoke and specialty assessments

Bespoke and Specialty Assessments are tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations operating in environments where standard security protocols may not suffice and require a specific scope of subject matter knowledge. For instance, hospitals require assessments that consider patient safety, data privacy, and biohazard risks. Ports, being critical trade hubs, need advanced threat assessments for critical infrastructure focused on cargo security, customs compliance, and potential maritime threats.

Assessments may also be conducted to address specific threats or risks for areas such as special events, supply chains, or hazardous environments. This not only protects their assets and personnel but also supports compliance with industry regulations and standards, maintaining their reputation and operational continuity.


During this stage, our specialists can provide recommendations, as per the industry’s best practices, to mitigate risk in the future for facilities and programs. This roadmap can include recommendations for developing your security program, awareness training, establishing security procedures, etc.

Taking your Risk Assessments to the Next Level: Pinkerton’s Risk Governance Program

Organizations need to know the risks to their facilities and operations. For this, a risk assessment is essential. But site vulnerability and program assessments are simply snapshots in time. They show your risks, gaps, and vulnerabilities at a particular moment.

As you know, risks are ever-changing, and so is your risk landscape. Perhaps you’ve added products and services. You’ve expanded your facility. You’ve hired new employees. Your neighborhood is growing. Perhaps there are new regulations. This means your security needs are changing, too.

Pinkerton’s Risk Governance Program takes risk assessments to the next level, transforming them from a single snapshot into an ongoing, multi-year risk management framework.

Our Risk Governance Program is tailored to your organization. Our team partners with your team to understand your organization’s goals, your security standards, and industry regulations. Then we assess your facilities, operations, and activities at regular intervals. We focus on identifying and prioritizing compliance risks and vulnerabilities — in the areas where you need deeper knowledge. We then recommend controls and procedures to mitigate or manage them.

As part of the program, we provide time-over-time trend analysis and benchmarking to help you meet your goals and optimize your security functions for the long-term protection of your people and assets. We want to ensure that your approach to security is still the best approach for your organization.

The Pinkerton Difference

For more than 170 years, Pinkerton has taken a comprehensive approach to security and risk management. We design specialized solutions that identify threats impacting organizations like yours. And now you can experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your risks and support informed decision-making, improve overall safety, minimize financial losses, and protect your brand’s reputation. Connect with a trusted risk advisor to find out more about our Risk Governance Program.

Unlock the Power of Total Protection: Discover Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) with Pinkerton

As a next step, Pinkerton experts can design and help implement and manage a comprehensive risk and security program for your entire organization – from a single site to multiple global campuses – complete with embedded subject matter experts. Learn more about Enterprise Security Risk Management.

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