Risk is unavoidable and everywhere. Seemingly disconnected events can have a ripple effect that impacts your organization. But when you have a total risk perspective, risk can be assessed and managed with the right approach. This holistic strategy of looking at your organization as a whole is at the core of everything Pinkerton does. We help you understand the risk your organization faces today to better prepare you for tomorrow.

Our Approach — Assess | Design | Deliver

Our comprehensive advisory solutions harmonize people and technology with our extensive knowledge of risk management. We believe a holistic understanding of your organization’s risks is key to making the knowledge-based decisions that move you towards your goals, so we begin every assessment by breaking down your risk into four connected quadrants on the Pinkerton Risk Wheel to determine your total risk, both inside and outside your organization.

And because every organization is different, the risk management needs for any two firms are never the same. We not only assess risk but also design strategies to help your organization take action by implementing these strategies from an enterprise to site level. As a next step, we can integrate with your company to provide a wide range of support from incident response to full-time embedded subject matter experts, on-demand, no matter where you are located in the world.

Why Your Risk Profile Matters

The risk landscape is ever-changing; therefore, it is essential to have the right perspective when designing a strategy that considers future risks as well as current ones. Having an in-depth understanding of your company’s risks can help you mitigate challenges, minimize threats, and protect your brand’s reputation.

Risk Advisory Services and Products

Risk Assessments

Pinkerton Risk Assessments are granular and backed by experienced risk advisors, frontier data science, machine learning technology, and global consistency, just a few reasons why our risk assessments are being considered an industry standard.

Threat Analysis

By employing a proven methodical approach coupled with machine learning technology and frontier data science, Pinkerton’s threat analyses identify and determines the potential impact threats like site-specific crime, inclement weather, natural disasters, political unrest, transportation disruptions, and even health crises could have to your organization, employees, and assets.

Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis

Build a business case that quantifies security and risk management return on investment. Pinkerton security ROI analysis can assist you in protecting what you value most and to demonstrate how your security budget can deliver an efficient ROI.

Risk Advisory Consulting

While some risks are common among organizations and can be avoided or planned for, there are unforeseen, potentially non-controllable risks that organizations often fail to recognize and develop a mitigation plan for. Pinkerton Risk Advisory Consulting provides deep understanding of risks in all environments provides a systematic approach to mitigating risk, containing threats, and recovering swiftly.

Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM)

Enterprise Security Risk Management is a continuous strategic process that incorporates all of facets of your organization’s security risk mitigation, in which we provide you not only with comprehensive risk assessments but also equip you with a tailored actionable framework. Learn more about ESRM.

Pinkerton Crime Index

Take a technologically advanced approach to mitigating risk with expert-level crime forecasting powered by AI and frontier data science that’s updated monthly and with a 93% accuracy rate to help you protect your business locations. When you know what’s happening beyond your walls, you can better protect what’s inside of them. Learn more about the Pinkerton Crime Index.

High Impact Event Reports

When a tornado hits, a terrorist strikes, riots break out, or an incident brings down a major infrastructure, timely access to intelligence is key for business decision-making. To help Pinkerton clients anticipate, respond to, and mitigate against high-risk events, we offer High Impact Event Reports, in-depth analysis prepared by Pinkerton risk experts using the most up-to-date and reliable information available.