Being a Pinkerton agent means something. For 170 years, Pinkerton agents have been protecting organizations, their assets, their reputations, and their people all around the world.

Our motto—"we never sleep"—represents our allegiance to the core values of integrity, vigilance, and excellence, which are reinforced in the work we do and are woven into each client interaction. These core values represent the true spirit of Pinkerton and are ordered purposefully, serving as benchmarks and checkpoints by which all agents are measured. Our values also makeup what we call the Pinkerton Code of Conduct, which was first established in 1850, and remains the code that Pinkerton agents hold themselves to today.

For many, Pinkerton is a company that answers a calling. A calling to serve and protect others, no matter what. With this unified sense of purpose, our global force of Pinkerton agents band together and become something more than colleagues; they become a family. No matter how far they are spread around the world, Pinkerton agents are bonded together by their shared calling and their commitment to integrity, vigilance, and excellence.


Our focus on integrity has allowed us to sustain a commitment to service, standards, and fairness throughout our 170 year history.


Our agents, analysts, and consultants offer you a level of attentiveness and alertness that—we believe—cannot be equaled by anyone.


Our mission is to protect and create value for the companies we work with. To do this, we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence in every project and every assignment.

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