In today’s workplace, your organization needs to be prepared for anything and everything. In some cases, a reduction in force or the closing of a facility can pose a safety and security risk. Companies need to prepare for a wide variety of potential employee reactions, including the possibility of hostility toward other employees and management. In other cases, it may be the termination of a troubled employee that has the makings of a disastrous situation.

We help you prepare contingency plans, provide education, and offer information to protect your assets and people. In case you need emergency response services, we can deploy agents quickly.

How Pinkerton Can Help With Workplace Violence Mitigation

When you partner with Pinkerton, we can help you prepare for and manage any employee threat in the workplace to prevent both injury and business interruptions in the following ways:

Develop contingency plans before threats arise

We prepare you and your organization for a wide variety of potentially violent situations and threats. A risk assessment will help you identify specific employees who may pose a risk to themselves or others during what they may view as adverse employment situations.

React swiftly and effectively if an incident occurs

We offer a global network of resources that you can use for rapid deployment to nearly any location worldwide. If the need arises, we can provide additional security after an employee termination, protecting your company’s assets and people with an ongoing security program.

About Pinkerton's Workplace Violence Mitigation

In the event of a workplace disturbance, we offer a wide range of risk-mitigating solutions. Some of our most frequently requested services before and during workplace issues include:

  • Risk assessments of physical properties, policies, and procedures to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences, creating a roadmap for your organization to develop your security contingency plans
  • Driver services (armed or unarmed escorts) to or from your home and place of business
  • Residential executive protection (armed or unarmed) when and where you need it
  • Global asset or site protection, including sensitive or vital facilities
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) sweeps of conference/meeting rooms, boardrooms, negotiation sites, plus telephone and mobile devices
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