Pinkerton’s Risk Governance Program takes risk assessments to the next level, transforming them from a single snapshot into an ongoing, multi-year risk management framework.

Risk is ever-present, and organizations need to know the risks to their operations. For this, a risk assessment is essential. But a physical site risk assessment is simply a snapshot in time. It shows your risks, gaps, and vulnerabilities at a particular moment.

Risks are ever-changing, and so is your risk landscape. You’ve added products and services. You’ve expanded your facility. You’ve hired new employees. Your neighborhood is growing.  

This means your security needs are changing, too.

About Pinkerton’s risk governance program

Our Risk Governance Program is tailored to your organization. The Pinkerton team partners with your team to understand your organization’s security standards and industry regulations. We assess your facilities, operations, and activities at regular intervals. We focus on identifying and prioritizing compliance risks and vulnerabilities — in the areas where you need deeper knowledge. We then recommend controls and procedures to mitigate or manage them.

As part of the program, we provide time-over-time trend analysis and benchmarking to help you meet your goals and optimize your security functions for the long-term protection of your people and assets. We want to ensure that your approach to security is still the best approach for your organization.

The Pinkerton difference

For more than 170 years, Pinkerton has taken a comprehensive approach to security and risk management. We design specialized solutions that identify threats impacting organizations like yours. And now you can experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your risks and support informed decision-making, improve overall safety, minimize financial losses, and protect your brand’s reputation. Connect with a trusted risk advisor to find out more about our Risk Governance Program.

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Know Your Risk

Start with expert risk analysis to understand the threats facing your organization.

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