Security operations centers come in all shapes and sizes — some of which have limited tools, staffing, and resources available to monitor ongoing threats. These limitations can impact your ability to respond to these threats and communicate with your stakeholders, creating obstacles for risk and security mitigation and response.

When you partner with Pinkerton Analyst Centers, you add a knowledge layer to your organization. We embed a fully dedicated, in-house team into your organization to deliver intelligence, security management, analysis, investigations, and more.

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About Pinkerton Analyst Centers

Pinkerton Analyst Centers are staffed by industry experts who have a deep understanding of the trends, challenges, and opportunities your organization faces — they can detect and analyze everything from internal security threats to neighborhood crime risks, supply chain disruptions, compliance and regulatory issues, natural disasters, and geopolitical situations from around the world, depending on your organization’s unique security and risk management needs. 

Our embedded analysts will provide intelligence-led reports for decision-making support and help your organization respond quickly to security incidents, minimizing negative impacts.

You will receive more than timely intelligence and threat management — we connect you to our extensive global network of subject matter experts and leverage our comprehensive risk management offerings. Additionally, their ties to our Center of Excellence and investigations and protection divisions give you a gateway to additional support, should you require it.

It’s like having a security council at your fingertips.

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Anticipate and Adapt

Take your security operations center to the next level.

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