The Pinkerton Crime Index (PCI) is a powerful, technologically advanced platform that provides timely, accurate, and actionable crime risk insights at the neighborhood, district/county, and region/state scale. Crime risk is captured using national and local policing data. Because crimes known to the police do not capture all incidents of crime in a community, policing data is supplemented with other data resources, including victimization surveys, information on disappearances, economic conditions, and other data highly correlated with crime reporting. In addition to a dedicated team of data scientists, Pinkerton utilizes its 170+ years of security and risk management experience along with AI and frontier data science to provide a boots-to-brains comprehensive approach.

What is a crime risk score?

Crime risk scores are defined as a multiple of the national median crime risk, which means an area with a score of 0.5x is considered half as risky as the national median, a score of 1x risk implies the area is equal to the national median, and a score of 2x that the area is twice as risky as the national median. These scores are the same across PCI reports and dashboards.

Scores are given in terms of total crime risk as well as for both property and violent crimes, including regional summaries for crime subtypes, such as assault, murder, robbery, etc., and displayed through a variety of content to help inform and evaluate the series of challenges impacting organizations, including neighborhood crime maps, monthly crime risk changes, seasonal fluctuations, one- and five-year trends.

Crime risk insights for decision makers

These insights are designed to help businesses with site evaluations and location decisions, offering meaningful depictions of risk for prospective and extant business locations, as well as assessing the safest routes for businesses involving the transit of goods, materials, and employees. PCI reports and dashboards help businesses meet regulatory and compliance requirements while providing additional insights to enable thoughtful budgeting for security, manage inventory shrinkage, and inform other proactive investment decisions. PCI products are already informing granular and high-level decision-makers in many sectors, including but not limited to real estate, finance, healthcare, and insurance.

Additionally, these products offer valuable insights into the new logistical problem of distributed workforces. As more and more employees transition to remote or hybrid work models, businesses face new challenges for safety and security. The PCI dashboard allows firms to maintain a strong duty of care for employees, equipment, and other assets spread out across a country.

Always working for you

Currently, the Pinkerton Crime Index is available for the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Australia, with new countries coming soon. Pinkerton’s data science team works extensively to continue to develop a meaningful, insightful understanding of crime risk in each nation, adding new data resources when they become available and adjusting methodology and forecasts when appropriate to provide the most accurate depiction of crime risk available on the market. Additionally, PCI products are constantly evolving to capture the needs and uses of existing and future clients.  To learn more about how the Pinkerton Crime Index can serve you and your organization, visit the main Pinkerton Crime Index page.

Published February 21, 2022