Stockholm, Sweden, the capital city of the newest Pinkerton Crime Index country, is a place of immense beauty and cultural richness. The city is Sweden's most visited city and the main hub for multiple sectors, including banking, government, and culture. It’s no wonder Stockholm is a magnet for tourists, playing a central role in Sweden's tourism industry, which has noted a significant increase in visitors.

Between January and July, there were 3.2 million registered bed nights for domestic visitors and 2.3 million for international visitors. This represents a 3.1% increase for domestic visitors and a 25.1% increase for international visitors compared to the same period in 2021. These numbers underscore both Stockholm's appeal to Swedes and its growing popularity among international tourists, often considered one of the most inclusive and welcoming cities in the world, balancing its urban appeal with a warm, inviting atmosphere.

facts about Stockholm Sweden

Plus, crime risk in Stockholm, Sweden is generally considered low to moderate, with the city having a lower crime rate than the national average for most crimes. According to PCI, Sweden has a crime risk score of 1.29x. To put this into perspective, PCI crime risk scores are multiples of the national median crime risk of 1.0x. A score of 0.5x equals half the risk, and a score of 10.0x equals ten times the crime risk. The most common crime is larceny.

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Published November 08, 2023