The Pinkerton Crime Index risk score for Cancun, Mexico is 2.22x.

When most of the world closed their borders or imposed tight travel restrictions in early 2020, Mexico’s resort city of Cancun quickly reacted to the pandemic. The city adopted global standardized health and hygiene protocols and actively campaigned for tourists in May 2020. 80% of hotels provided complimentary on-site testing services, and most resorts offered free 14-day accommodations to guests who tested positive for the virus during their stay.

While Cancun received some criticism for its aggressive plan, the risk paid off. More than 10 million passengers arrived at Cancun International Airport between March 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021. Cancun not only recovered to its pre-pandemic tourism levels, but it also surpassed them.

Between January and July 2022, Cancun International Airport (CUN), Mexico City International Airport (AICM), and Los Cabos Airport were the country’s busiest airports and received 9 million 420 thousand international tourists combined — 71.8% more than in 2021 and 4% more than 2019. Cancun captured 46.9% of international tourists arriving in Mexico. Mexico City captured just 19.5%.

In 2022 Cancun had the highest occupancy rate of all the country’s tourist destinations, with an average of 76.1% and peaks of nearly 80%. Just for reference, Cancun alone has some 35,000 hotel rooms.

Compared to Mexico's other most visited cities, Cancun’s crime rate is relatively low, scoring 2.22x on the Pinkerton Crime Index (PCI). PCI crime risk scores are multiples of the national median crime risk of 1.0x. A score of 0.5x equals half the risk, and a score of 2.0x equals twice the risk. Mexico City scores 6.19x, and Tijuana scores 10.44x. The most common crimes are robbery and larceny, such as pickpocketing.

If you are planning to visit Cancun, do your research, which includes knowing your crime risk score. Take precautions, maintain situational awareness, and avoid areas where illicit activities occur.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and embrace the tropical vibes.

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Published June 08, 2023