Organized retail crime and theft (ORC) is an escalating problem that requires proactive solutions and strategic partnerships to mitigate.

In a recent conversation, Pinkerton's Managing Director Mike Pentek and Director Shawn Rajabi discussed the rise of ORC and how Pinkerton is uniquely positioned to assist organizations in combating this threat.

“With ORC it’s all about being proactive and leveraging partnerships. We want clients to understand that we understand the issues,” Mike Pentek stated. “At the end of the day, organizations can reduce their ORC exposure in a manner that reduces their risk as well.”

Learn how Pinkerton leverages its expertise to help clients reduce their ORC exposure, gather evidence, and work closely with law enforcement agencies for a positive impact on communities.

Visit our main page on organized retail crime to learn more about how Pinkerton can assist your organization.

Published November 21, 2023