As an international security company, Pinkerton relies heavily on data-based intelligence to protect clients and their employees. As we look back at the top security issues in 2016, we thought it would be interesting to determine what you, our blog readers, found most compelling during the year based on analytics data collected from our blog. This post highlights the most popular Pinkerton security blog posts from the past year, listed by category using our Risk Wheel quadrants.

#1: World’s Riskiest & Most Dangerous Countries for Business

In the summer of 2016, Pinkerton introduced our Risk Wheel Index and an interactive risk map that highlighted major risks and how they affected each country. You responded very positively to it, making this post about the world’s riskiest countries the year’s most popular across all risk quadrants, though the risks have perhaps the greatest impact on international markets and economies.Click here to read World’s Riskiest & Most Dangerous Countries for Business

#2: Corporate Background Checks: Top 5 Errors & Mistakes

As we noted in our post “Top Security Threats to Companies in 2017, ” workplace violence is a major concern facing companies in the United State and abroad. So, it is no surprise that the most read post in this quadrant deals with background checks and the most common errors made with them. Taking extra steps during the hiring process can help mitigate the risks companies encounter when hiring new employees.Click here to read Corporate Background Checks: Top 5 Errors & Mistakes

#3: How Natural Disasters Can Affect Businesses

Natural disasters wreak havoc on businesses, families and individuals internationally every year, and 2016 was no exception. Whether it was winter storm Jonas’ record snowfall for the East Coast of the United States; earthquakes that shook Taiwan, Myanmar and Italy; Hurricane Mathew’s widespread destruction in Haiti; or, wildfires in California, 2016 saw many disruptions to normal life, including impacts to business as this popular post highlighted.Click here to read How Natural Disasters Can Affect Businesses

#4: Smart Toy Hacks Raise Industry Concerns

Having just ended the holiday season, it’s timely that we bring attention to a post from earlier in 2016 about the risks with “smart toys” that are so popular with children. These internet-connected devices are prime targets for cyber-hackers looking to steal identities, even from children. Far more dangerous are criminals looking to physically harm or kidnap unsuspecting children who innocently use their toys’ inter-connectivity features online. Click here to read Smart Toy Hacks Raise Industry Concerns

Thank you for being an avid reader of the Pinkerton Blog. We look forward to bringing you more insights from Pinkertons throughout the world in 2017. And stay tuned for the new Pinkerton Insights Podcast launching soon!

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Published January 19, 2017

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