As the global risk landscape continues to change, security of assets can no longer be unseen. An escalating number of intimidation from domestic and outdoor sources, pooled with the consequences which arise when secured data is compromised, form a risk environment which must be recognized, evaluated and supervised.

Protecting your organization with expert Security Plans & Audits.

Pinkerton offers complete solutions to handle nearly any security and risk related concerns. Pinkerton works closely with its clients to address security and crisis concerns without disrupting their ability to do business. Pinkerton’s Security Plans & Audits include:

  • Development of a risk management plan discovering and examining the probability and consequences of the current and predictable risks of the future.
  • Creation of security and incident management strategy and administration of incorporated technical security systems.
  • Security systems training that will offer employees, with the basic security understanding, the techniques and know-how to efficiently control the incorporated technical systems.
  • Assemble and direct annual table–top exercises combining all agencies, third-party vendors, etc.
  • Organize management assessments and annual audits.