Also referred to as secret shopping, performance evaluations, service checks and frontline evaluations to name a few, mystery shopping permits companies to get hold of a “snapshot in time” by skilled researchers who know in advance what they are supposed to observe.

Swift, reliable and accurate assessments.

Mystery shopping is a technique to swiftly yet proficiently assess business performances, deliverables and employees from the outlook of a non–biased customer. The technique is employed in an extensive array of diligence such as trade, restaurants, banks, expediency stores, service providers, company, department stores, travel and entertainment, and many more.

Pinkerton offers professional business evaluation services through mystery shopping solutions offering you actionable inputs to positively impact organizational bottom line. Our secret shopping solutions can also provide an aid in conducting customer satisfaction surveys. Our mystery shoppers aim to provide an accurate picture of the customer service and shopping experience, so we use people in real situations to report what happens at the point of sale/customer contact.