Increasingly, corporations and their counsel face new demands as the world of litigation becomes digitized.

More than ever, discovery requests and internal investigations call for electronic documents—such as deleted e-mails—generated in the normal course of business. As a consequence, more and more in-house and outside counsel are seeking out specialized firms to figure out what data is needed and where to get it. To this end, Pinkerton has expanded, building a new, state-of-the-art, secure Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensics Center in Atlanta. 

By recovering and filtering data, the lab helps Pinkerton clients investigate fraud and theft of trade secrets within their organizations, monitor illegal insider trading, and comply with discovery requests for electronic data, such as archived and “deleted” e-mails. While the lab has been a key behind-the-scenes player in a number of high profile cases, it has also helped companies quietly gauge their own vulnerability as potential plaintiffs and set policy on the preservation of e-mails and other digitized documents.

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Published May 01, 2013