Insights Intelligence Brief reports on domestic, international incidents affecting corporate risk.

Pinkerton, a global provider of comprehensive risk management services including security consulting and investigations, executive protection, employment screening, and protective intelligence, has begun offering its daily risk assessment report, the Pinkerton Insights Intelligence Brief, as a free service for business leaders interested in staying well informed of potential security threats. “The dynamics of corporate risk continue to evolve,” said Pinkerton President Jack Zahran. “The government and law enforcement agencies are no longer the sole providers of security, and business leaders need to be armed with the knowledge and insights necessary for successfully managing risk for their organizations, employees and clients.” 

Pinkerton’s Insights Intelligence Brief offers readers information on significant events happening around the world, as well as reporting on situations that may affect businesses and individuals, such as civil disorder, cyber security, natural disasters, shifting political factors and more. Analyst commentary from Pinkerton subject matter experts is also included, which offers advice for dealing with potentially detrimental situations. “As a leading provider of global risk management services and solutions, we recognized the need to make this information available to everyone as an asset to help them make better informed decisions related to security and risk management,” said Brian McNary, vice president of Pinkerton’s Global Risk Group. 


dBusiness | February 2016 

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Published February 02, 2016