ANN ARBOR, Mich. – October 11, 2021 – Pinkerton, a global provider of comprehensive risk management services and solutions, announced the expansion of the Pinkerton Crime Index to include Mexico. This expansion will help business leaders with interests or a physical presence in Mexico better evaluate crime impact on organizational objectives.

The Pinkerton Crime Index launched in 2020, focused on U.S. data and has since expanded to include the United Kingdom and now Mexico, with additional countries and regions expected to be added in the coming year. The Pinkerton Crime Index accurately forecasts crime with 95% confidence by coupling longstanding experience in crime-fighting with frontier data science to synthesize crime data into a singular factor that can be compared across markets down to the neighborhood level.

The Pinkerton Crime Index forecasting AI is tested with a double-elimination algorithm tournament, assessing the predictive accuracy of each crime theory driven algorithm against known benchmark data. The final crime index is constructed using an ensemble of winning algorithms unique to each crime type and community and analyzed by Pinkerton security experts.

“We initially launched the Pinkerton Crime Index because we knew there was a better way to compile crime data and help leaders assess crime and forecast risk to make informed decisions. Expanding the crime index to Mexico was a natural progression as global business leaders work to have a more comprehensive understanding of their risk profile,” said Jack Zahran, President, Pinkerton. “Data suggests that 89% of crimes in Mexico went unreported to the police in 2020 alone. This level of underreporting presents a significant challenge and simply underscores the value of the Pinkerton Crime Index to effectively gain insight and predict crime activity to help leaders more clearly focus on risk mitigation and security factors.”

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Published November 11, 2021