Expand your legal team's capabilities and strengthen your case outcomes with the strategic integration of expert investigative services. We offer services tailored for complex and high-stakes cases, including key witness location and interviews, evidence analysis, digital forensics, e-discovery, and targeted surveillance. Trusted by the world’s largest law firms, corporations, and other organizations, our extensive network of resources – including lawyers, investigators, and former district attorneys – provides your legal team with a strategic advantage

About Pinkerton Litigation and Trial Preparation Support Services

We analyze each case thoroughly and provide customized investigative solutions to assist with your litigation needs and budget. Our approach is straightforward and always begins with the proper case intake (diagnosis), followed by a focused investigative plan.

We provide expertise and services at each phase of litigation. Litigators rely on us to gather evidence and provide support, so they can focus on building a successful case.

  • Asset Searches
  • e-Discovery  
  • Computer Forensics 
  • Forensic Accounting 
  • Evidence Gathering, Analysis, and Management 
  • Pre-trial and Enhanced Due Diligence 
  • Locating and Interviewing Expert Witnesses 
  • Locating and Interviewing Key Witnesses
  •  Process Service
  • Targeted Surveillance
  • Juror Due Diligence

Pinkerton’s Global Network for locating witnesses and hidden assets

We lean into our global network to procure witnesses and evidence all over the world, including locating witnesses both domestically and internationally, performing historical research to uncover new witnesses, forensic accounting to verify the path of absconded funds, and conducting asset searches investigations for global assets that are clandestinely held.

Cases where we discovered new wrongdoing have led to criminal prosecutions. We’ve also identified participants in criminal conspiracies and helped with successful civil actions and restitution of lost funds. Our work has impacted the outcomes of many cases positively for our clients.

And should you require it, we can support you with strategic and tactical response and protective services.

Embedded Subject Matter Experts

If you are looking to take the next step to a more permanent solution, we can embed legal experts and investigative professionals into your litigation teams of internal and external lawyers, as well as into your teams of third-party consultants and forensics experts. They become an extension of your legal team — completely dedicated to your organization — with strategic insights and a deep understanding of your organization. They will play a crucial role in helping your organization navigate the complex legal landscape.

Pinkerton is not a law firm and any information or communication is not intended to be used as legal advice.
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