Corporate executives and security team leaders look to Pinkerton to support their operations and protect their business interests worldwide. Whether the situation involves a major transaction or a suspected internal fraud, we have the expertise, experience, and global reach to perform all investigations thoroughly and efficiently and in turn, provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. 

In addition, our services are scalable, giving us the ability to quickly pivot from strategic services to tactical solutions, should your unique situation require it.

About our corporate investigations services

Our clients include C-suite executives at domestic and multi-national corporations and financial institutions, partners at the large law firms, private equity firms, venture capital firms, investment banks, insurance companies, and more. They recognize our ability to deploy a combination of seasoned investigators, lawyers, accountants, computer forensic experts, psychologists, and human intelligence sources in a rapid and discreet manner throughout the world. 

Our services include:

  • Internal & External Fraud 
  • Intellectual Property Protection 
  • Brand Protection 
  • Counterfeit 
  • Loss Prevention 
  • Infringement of Patents, Trademarks & Copyright 
  • Trade Secrets Violations 
  • Supply Chain Investigations 
  • Specific Threats POI / GOI 
  • OSINT Research & Persistent Monitoring 
  • Background Vetting 
  • Online Vulnerability Assessments

At times our investigations have resulted in the successful prosecution of current or former employees, vendors, and competitors. The results of our investigations have also been used successfully in civil lawsuits.

Pinkerton is not a law firm and any information or communication is not intended to be used as legal advice.
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