Go beyond fragmented and reactive monitoring, and step into comprehensive risk management with GSOC Fusion Centers

Our innovative approach to intelligence-led GSOC Fusion Centers is based on our comprehensive approach to risk management, and our experience in assessing, designing and implementing the next generation of security operations centers. When you partner with us to deliver your GSOC solution, your organization will be able to set up and scale quickly on a global level, leverage our risk management platform, connect to our network of subject matter experts and access our intelligence capabilities — allowing you to focus on decision-making.

GSOCs supporting your organization's goals

GSOCs are units responsible for monitoring and assessing threats to assets and personnel, coordinating responses to those threats, and communicating with relevant stakeholders. They are intelligence-led, instead of reactive to monitoring, and can help solve for a number of risks through our integrated risk framework. Below are examples of an organization's missions and goals that can be met through the mentioned objectives.


  • Create value to the organization
  • Duty of care
  • Proactive approach to enterprise security risk management
  • Enhance stategic and tactical decision-making

    Objectives met by a GSOC Fusion Center

  • Secure company assets and personel
  • Enhance business continuity and crisis management capabilities
  • Facility, event and travel security
  • Supply chain security
  • Anticipate and adapt to emerging events
  • Standardize security policies and procedures
  • Improve response to incidents

Proactive Risk Management

More than just operations management and monitoring, GSOC Fusion Centers are intelligence-led units that can help achieve your risk management objectives. GSOCs support a growing number of stakeholders, including:

  • Corporate Security
  • Board of Directors and C-Suite
  • Corporate strategy
  • Risk and Insurance
  • HR
  • Legal
  • IT
  • Real Estate
  • Operations and supply chain
  • Business development

How Pinkerton Can Support Your GSOC

Embedded GSOC Program Support

The Pinkerton Dedicated Professionals (PDP) program goes beyond simply staffing a GSOC. These highly qualified professionals are embedded in your company and 100% dedicated to your organization to deliver intelligence, security management, monitoring, investigations, travel risk management, and any other needs entrusted to your GSOC. Additionally, PDPs have continuous reach-back to our Intelligence division, our own 24/7 GSOC, and other specialty divisions should you need additional support at any time

PDPs embody a proven model for continuous performance improvement and development. We provide training, career opportunities, and ongoing talent support so that your organization can remain focused on achieving your strategic and operational goals.

Intelligence as a Service

Accurate, timely intelligence is a key component for GSOCs. We offer a full range of intelligence services to understand emerging threats, fast-changing COVID-19 restrictions, and global trends.

We can provide intelligence support through reports (recurrent or as needed), or design a customized intelligence solution that incorporates the following:

- Pinkerton Crime Index

- Pinkerton Warne

- Covid Intelligence Briefs

- Open Source Intelligence Reports and persistent monitoring

- Analysis and reporting

- Alerting

- Hight impact event analyses

Prepare for the Future

With Pinkerton GSOC services, your organization can improve current monitoring and response practices, and prepare for the future. Contact us today by filling out the form below.

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