With the risk landscape constantly changing, organizations worldwide choose Pinkerton to provide reliable security and protection. We can meet all logistical challenges, regardless of event size or complexity. Equipped with capabilities to perform situational analysis, we identify and manage variable security factors while our team works with local resources to prepare effective contingency plans. Safety is our priority. 

From inception to completion, we provide an end-to-end solution for any event — including prominent, high-risk functions. With the addition of experienced onsite management for the day-to-day operations, we ensure your event is safe and secure based on your needs. 

About Our Event Protection Solution

Though the task of ensuring safety can seem daunting, Pinkerton has the experience to meet all your special event security needs no matter how large or complex the event. We assess your risks, design a plan that best meets your unique needs, and deliver exceptional protection. 

Each event is unique, and carries its own set of dynamics, requirements, and challenges. We bring together our investigations, intelligence, and protection divisions to provide you with a turnkey operation that keeps attendees safe, the location secure, and creates an enjoyable experience. 

How Our Event Protection Solutions Work

While each event ranges in its complexity and requirements, we believe that the backbone of all event protection lies in the planning phase. We work with your internal teams, local law enforcement, and other resources to analyze threats and  right-sized tactics through threat and risk assessments.  

Before the event occurs, we deliver a detailed plan outlining security contacts, logistics, schedule, roles, risk overview, response, reporting protocols, and more.  

Once the event has begun, our agents harvest real-time intelligence to supply your company with timely and impactful analysis. This information keeps us ahead of the curve on any developments, ensuring the safety of your event, attendees, and assets. Our highly skilled agents provide continual protection and support throughout the entirety of the event.  

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