As the COVID-19 pandemic has developed, so have the impacts to your organization. Localized lockdowns, changing restrictions, and quarantine requirements on your employees and customers are some of the ever-changing effects to your business continuity.

So how can you help keep your employees and customers safe during this time?  Whether your employees have returned to in-person work or continue working from home, contact tracing is an effective tool to contain the spread of infectious diseases. We provide continuous and scalable contact tracing support to help you adhere to local laws and regulations, stay compliant with your policies and procedures, and handle interviews with sensitivity and professionalism.

About Our Contact Tracing Program

Our customized, multi-disciplined contact tracing solution combines our investigations, intelligence, and advisory capabilities to provide you with:

  • A dedicated global contact tracing team available 24/7 to track and identify cases and contacts 
  • Tailored training and support processes encompassing all stages of contact tracing, including communication skills with the appropriate sensitivity
  • Access to our intelligence network and global resources if needed
  • Integration and alignment with your HR, workplace safety, and return-to-work programs, including policies and procedures related to social distancing, face coverings, meeting size, etc.  
  • Comprehensive risk and security advisory services for planning and mitigation 
  • Tracking and communication of testing or vaccination requirements, policy changes, and/or self-reporting processes to those returning to the office 
  • A self-reporting mechanism to monitor impact in the case of positive tests

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