Why Choose Pinkerton Crime Index

We deliver timely crime data, granular detail, and seasonal insights ahead of other available sources in the UK — so you can make immediate decisions with confidence.

Accurate crime reporting has long been a challenge for policing agencies everywhere. Delays, anomalies in the data and missing location points make it difficult for organizations to leverage existing UK crime figures for planning and decision-making.

But what if modern data science could fill in the gaps? This opportunity has led us to develop the Pinkerton Crime Index to provide timely insights into patterns of crime in the United Kingdom.

The Pinkerton Crime Index reliably forecasts crime — with a tested accuracy of over 90% — based off comprehensive data, our longstanding experience with crime fighting, and frontier algorithms.

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  • Higher degree of data accuracy

    Our forecasts show over 90% confidence compared with actual crime data, reflecting our market-leading algorithm.

  • Insightful analytics

    We put scores into context, such as relevant peer group and past trends, so you can generate actionable solutions.

  • Frontier forecasting

    We provide annual, quarterly, or monthly updates to show how seasonality and structural impacts (such as COVID-19) have on changing crime patterns and types.

  • Street level view

    We provide region to district to street level view, so you can get crime reporting and analysis down to a micro level.

  • Broad data sources

    We don't only rely on police crime statistics. We draw on criminology theory, identifying predictors, victim and offender surveys, and more to infer crime risk from imperfect crime data.

  • Customizable solutions

    We can pinpoint your locations on the dashboard, integrate your own data, and compare crime risk among locations.

How it works

The Crime Index uses comprehensive data sources and machine learning to help organisations make crucial business decisions with increased confidence. Our proprietary system takes crime data, together with a variety of crime-causing variables, to forecast an index of overall crime risk.

Analysing a wide variety of granular data reveals deep patterns and trends — allowing us to accurately depict crime risk at the neighborhood level. This tracking and reporting go beyond a static view of crime, helping you gauge the likelihood of crime occurring in your location with one simple number.

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Crime reporting is useful for more than just scoping out crime in an area. Crime risk is correlated with property values, school enrollment, and various other municipal outcomes. Here are some other applications where the Pinkerton Crime Index can help you mitigate potential risks.

  • Safe Icon

    Determine security needs based on valid and reliable data, so you can prioritize your security budget

  • Data Icon

    Enhance site risk assessments by grounding them on comprehensive data forecast using a sound, multi-disciplinary methodology

  • Location Icon

    Standardise risk and security protocols using assessments that are comparable at neighbourhood, district and region level, as well with peer locations

  • Real Estate Icon

    Inform proactive investment decisions – such as real estate – with granular information and online tools that allow for tailored analysis

  • Compliant Icon

    Meet compliance requirements, whether regulatory, insurance, or duty of care

Which solution is right for you?

We offer both PDF reports and an interactive dashboard experience. PDF reports are better suited for small to medium scale organisations with set locations, while the dashboard will better serve medium to large organisations with numerous or changing locations.

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