Latest technology helps to provide more well-rounded support to clients

Pinkerton, a global provider of comprehensive risk management services, has announced the addition of litigation services to its already extensive list of service offerings for companies around the world. Pinkerton President, Jack Zahran made the announcement. The new litigation umbrella has nine different features all important to effectively assisting clients, including:

  • Due diligence: Team members will do exhaustive research both online and in-person to compile, prepare, and present all necessary information and documents needed in each case.
  • Intellectual property protection: Pinkerton works with each firm to create effective solutions to combat intellectual property crime, keeping sensitive information safe and secure.
  • Forensic accounting: A worldwide team of experts trained to detect movement in financial records can uncover the evidentiary “money trail.”
  • Cyber & physical surveillance: Security professionals are able to collect valuable information online and in-person through nearly undetectable measures.
  • Investigations: By having a worldwide network of investigators, Pinkerton can see cases through from start to finish nearly anywhere in the world.
  • Evidence management: Pinkerton understands that the organized collection and maintenance of evidence is important to the success of any legal case.
  • Technical surveillance countermeasure services: Using advanced “de-bugging” technology, the team at Pinkerton can ensure that meetings and venues of all sizes are fully private.
  • Intelligence support: Among other services, global intelligence reporting and social media monitoring keep clients informed on happenings that may affect their pending cases.
  • Digital forensics & eDiscovery: These services use innovative technology to collect and analyze information important to each case and organize it according to client needs.

“At Pinkerton, our expertise in the comprehensive risk management space lends itself perfectly to assisting in legal matters and helping legal teams not only build their cases, but also ensure sensitive information stays safe and secure,” said Zahran. “Our industry is rapidly evolving and we recognized an opportunity to expand into the legal sector, which allows us to diversify our talents and better assist the companies and professionals we serve.” Pinkerton’s team of litigation support experts has experience in several different industries, giving them the ability to make an impact in any case. Whether it’s a civil lawsuit, an embezzlement investigation, or shareholder disputes, Pinkerton gives its clients an advantage and clear path to building a successful case.


Security InfoWatch | November 2017 

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Published October 02, 2017

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