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Forget panic rooms and alarms, think high-tech and nearly invisible security in the 21st century.

In the modern era, experts say the best security for a client with a celebrity status or high net worth is unseen. Private security firms are taking a high-tech, comprehensive approach to assessing threats in client’s homes, travel plans, cyber identities, physical selves, and families. 

James McClain, Pinkerton Vice President, recently talked with the Robb Report to discuss steps Pinkerton considers when monitoring high-profile clients who are international travelers. “We monitor hundreds of data sources, including weather alerts, government emergency feeds, social media, news outlets, live web-cam feeds and emergency service communications and filter that into intelligence that can be used to direct our boots on the ground,” he says. “If you’re a frequent international traveler, especially to hot zones of unrest, and you hire a company that is not global, you are at a disadvantage.”

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