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“End-to-end” planning is the key to companies successfully navigating hurricanes.

Andres Paz Larach, Senior Vice President of Pinkerton, spoke with Security Management about how companies that are more proactive when it comes to hurricanes ¬†tend to have end-to-end solutions prepared ahead of time that they can put into action. “The real challenge is to make it operational,” Andres Paz Larach says.

Operations who have never encountered a hurricane event can successfully navigate storm preparations using the following three tips.

  1. Knowledge is power: How an organization would fare with the current policies and practices it has in place, along with an enterprise-level risk assessment, is valuable intel.
  2. Move past the plan: Having a plan is crucial, but plans are ultimately useless if they aren’t put into action.
  3. Avoid silos: Security professionals should be seeking more exposure to the overall business and working with various other teams within the company.

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