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Security enterprises are leveraging cameras to secure events.

Video has helped secure large temporary events like Lollapalooza, Coachella, and the Chicago Marathon, thanks to technological innovations such as WiFi-enabled cameras. Video can play a key security function at large gatherings, but it is not a strategy to implement quickly. You need to have a plan. 

In a recent article with Security Magazine, Tim Williams, Vice Chairman of Pinkerton, suggests asking yourself what are you trying to defend by using video. “Securing a senior management meeting off site will be much more delicate than securing a sporting event. In one you have confidential information being exchanged, or you have visitors who the client doesn’t want identified for competitive reasons. In the other you have alcohol, or you might have a camera over the cashier’s office. The nature of the event defines the risk, and that determines your security strategy, including the use of video.”

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