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While American billionaires get richer, corporate spending on personal security isn’t.

What do Amazon, Facebook, and Oracle all have in common? 3 of the 5 richest American company founders of public companies in the U.S.

What don’t they have in common? While the net worth of theses founders continues to grow, the personal security costs to their companies have not grown at the same rate. Unless you are Mark Zuckerberg, who was given a $10 million yearly allowance, by Facebook, to pay for personnel, equipment and services needed to keep him and his family safe.

Forbes recently found that the amount a company spends to secure its top executives isn’t always correlated to net worth. Andres Paz Larach, Senior Vice President at Pinkerton said, “If you are talking more about a high-profile CEO that is discreet and is not very outspoken, then this individual may opt out of having security.”

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