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Body screening might just be the future of transit technology. But what is body screening exactly?

Vice President of the Southwest Region Jason Porter talked provides insight about body screening cameras, and the future of transit security. Unlike airport security measures, the body screeners deployed in transit stations allow people to naturally walk to their destinations, rather than requiring people to stand in long lines. They can detect if you’re concealing anything under your clothing without showing anatomical parts of people’s bodies. Instead, they appear more like blobs overlaying a person’s body. They can be installed in minutes with just a power source and an ethernet hook up — and can be set up almost anywhere. 

Porter warns against only having the scanners at major transit stations. “If I get a body scan at Penn Station, great. But what about the next station? If they don’t have the body scanner, are we really providing any level of security? …At what point is that a true investment in security or security theater?”

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