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November 11, 2015

Viewing it from both the employer and employee perspective, there have always been limitations related to the way a job seeker moves through the application process. Verbalization and text on the overview of the position, requirements, and experience desired has defined the type of employee being sought; that is the information from which the job seeker acquires their knowledge on the position that may become their career future. There have always been some elements missing, and some that could be better - ones that could potentially create the best match, and leave little room for any disenchantment from both sides, once the new employee is hired and fully on board.

Enhanced Storytelling – What the Job Position is REALLY Like

Logi-Serve has developed the better way. Incorporating a visual storyboarding system, their RJP (Realistic Job Preview), presents job seekers with a flow of questions, and based on their answers and responses, customizes a detailed interactive visual presentation. The applicant gets to experience exactly what the position will be like, as they are served an exciting display of so many aspects of potential interests related to the actual work environment. This state-of-the-art tool brings a unique and fresh element into the hiring process trajectory, enabling decisions based on the increased availability of pertinent information. This establishes a strong bond of trust with the organization that is being forthright and honest with all parameters of the available position.

The Logi-Serve RJP environment displayed by 2 men & 1 woman using the system in a office setting.

The advantage of the RJP is also felt by the employer. The job seeker is inputting their capabilities and preferences, and providing a higher degree of insight about themselves and their abilities than is typically acquired. Resultantly, there is a considerable elevation of the quality and content of input data that will be used to improve sourcing, recruiting, and job fit; all of this can reduce turnover and impact recruiting marketing in a very positive way.

A Compelling Experience

Taking the generally expected job candidate process and turning it into a compelling experience is an amazing concept. It is now real. Multimedia blends seamlessly, and broadcasts digital art, audio, copy, and survey technology to the user who can easily interact with all elements. Engagement and education is received in an impressive display, one that is tracked and contains the ability to report all actionable data to the stakeholders in the talent acquisition. The employer receives the additional benefits of decreased costs and easy updates in a multiple language, mobile ready experiential modern tool. Additionally, in the cellular connection environment, RJP efficiency preserves their cellular data allotment, as opposed to other RJPs based on pure video platforms.

Pinkerton & Logi-Serve

Pinkerton is incorporating the Logi-Serve RJP, and seamlessly integrating it with our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software as a service (SaaS) offering. We feel that this can provide everything always desired in the job posting and sourcing objectives. The candidate will not just get to see the degree of their fit performance-wise, but will also gain so much more appreciation as to what the job is like in the real world on a day to day basis. Incorporated as the first step in the online job seeker and candidate application experience of the ATS, this innovative RJP will complement and enhance the functionality of the ATS to bring the job to life and attract more candidates. It fits nicely with Pinkerton’s value proposition, and that is why we are excited to announce the new Logi-Serve features, and its integration into our ATS.

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