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January 27, 2014

Throughout our 160+ year history, we have seen the way companies share information change dramatically, improving how businesses and people connect. 

Risks are mitigated and impacts lessened when there is time to plan, react and adjust to new situations and threats. Today, we introduce the Pinkerton Blog which will serve as a way for us to share security industry information that you can apply it to your business for the protection of your company’s staff, partners, and assets.

Security and Risk Management News and Expertise

In the security and risk management industry, information reigns supreme as the way people stay connected to news, events, warnings, threats, and risks. Pinkerton is at the forefront of information gathering and dissemination for our clients. The intelligence we gather helps us proactively mitigate the four core risk areas that impact businesses: Hazard & Event Risk; Operational & Physical Risk; Market & Economic Risk; and Technology & Informational Risk. The Pinkerton blog will be an extension of those efforts, a source of actionable information that you can use and share.

Current Events That Impact Your Business

Our blog will focus on security concerns and challenges that we believe could have the potential to impact you, your business, your employees, and partners. While our intelligence services, with in-depth risk monitoring dashboards, alerting, and reporting, provide detailed levels of data and analysis, the Pinkerton Blog will keep you up to date on developments on a variety of topics related to security and risk management.

Stay Connected

As a business operating in this global economy, we hope you will subscribe to the Pinkerton Blog and be part of a community concerned about the myriad of security issues and risks that affect businesses throughout the world. We aim to have this be a valuable resource as you handle new issues affecting the security of your company and its employees. Check back often for updates and look for us on Twitter and LinkedIn. We welcome your feedback at any time so that we can make the Pinkerton Blog even more relevant to you.  Let us know what you think.

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