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Case Location: Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is a huge country covering 830, 000 square miles (2, 150, 000 sq km). Because of its unique security and cultural issues, development of detailed itineraries for executive travel – including scheduling agents, vehicles and hotels – usually requires two weeks lead time. However, one client had a very last-minute opportunity to visit a customer that was far off the previously-secured route. This required an immediate change of plans.


Because Pinkerton’s global resources has boots on the ground 247 in Saudi Arabia, we were able to:

  • Access our state-of-the-art Operations Center to detect any existing or potential threats in the new area
  • Add both staffing and vehicles along the new route, including armored car certified drivers
  • Utilize real-time alerting to monitor any changes to security


Because Pinkerton and their global partners had the local knowledge and the intelligence in place, additional protection was successfully deployed at the last-minute. This allowed the executives to safely travel to their “spontaneous” appointment without incident.