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Case Location: USA (and various undisclosed global client locations)


A large, global industrial company with a decentralized approach to physical security systems faced a very difficult challenge:

  1. How to determine who had access to which locations 
  2. Identifying which facilities used an electronic access control system. This required an inventory and assessment of systems globally and a strategy to overcome this challenge going forward.


Pinkerton offered the client a proven solution utilizing our specialized expertise in physical security technology. We recognized the need to obtain specific details of systems and processes enterprise wide. Using Pinkerton’s extensive subject matter expertise, an approach to collect these details was prepared and deployed in just a few days. Because Pinkerton understands global markets and the associated risks a large enterprise faces when considering solutions for access control, we were able to interpret the information collected and help the client form a strategy for identifying when and where persons have access to their facilities as well as a strategy for governance and technology standards.


By engaging Pinkerton Physical Security Technology experts, this global industrial company has been able to:

  1. Develop a centralized corporate governance strategy for access control
  2. Identify areas for cost savings by leveraging infrastructure
  3. Improve processes for better security and a user-friendly experience
  4. Access Pinkerton’s global network of resources
  5. Stay competitive by keeping focused on their core business