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To better face the rapidly changing landscape, a Fortune 500 company — one of the world’s largest equipment manufacturers — opted to transition their legacy security department into a new enterprise global risk management program. This conversion required a significant upgrade in expertise, tools and technology that could only be accomplished by incorporating outside resources.


Pinkerton Risk Wheel

Pinkerton offered the company a proven solution utilizing Pinkerton Dedicated Professionals (PDPs). This team of embedded PDPs would provide just the right subject matter expertise when and where it was needed. Because Pinkerton provides services and solutions designed to address the four main categories of risk factors , our PDPs could help ensure the client would be fully prepared against nearly any kind of threat to its people and assets nearly anywhere in the world. In addition, Pinkerton could fulfill the client’s need for instant global regionalizing as the program was rolled out. Agents would be situated in Asia, Latin America, EMEA and North America locations overnight.


By incorporating Pinkerton Dedicated Professionals into their global risk management program, this Fortune 500 Company is now able to:

  1. Leverage Pinkerton’s expertise in every area of risk management 
  2. Access Pinkerton’s global network of resources
  3. Evolve and adapt more rapidly as the landscape continues to change
  4. Reduce expenses through cost efficiencies
  5. Reduce exposure, especially during a rapid event
  6. Stay competitive by keeping focused on their core manufacturing business