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Case Location: USA (and various undisclosed global locations)


Because of the visibility of his position and company, the CEO of a multinational energy company headquartered in the U.S. is under potential threat of corporate protests and other disturbances at his residence that could put him and his family in harm’s way and negatively impact the corporate brand.


Pinkerton developed a comprehensive, flexible and non-intrusive program simultaneously addressing the security needs of the CEO and his family at home and while traveling. The protective agents personalities and styles assigned to the detail are well suited for the principal and the family. Among the tools used are on-site surveillance, alarm and CCTV monitoring, screening of all guests and vehicles on the property. Further, it relies on live-feed intelligence gathering thereby allowing proactive risk mitigation of potential threats before they escalate.


Since partnering with Pinkerton to manage the Residential Protection needs of the CEO and his family, no incidents of significance have been reported and the brand’s reputation remains untarnished giving the client peace of mind.