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Case Location: Chicago, IL | USA


Pinkerton was tasked to provide security intelligence for approximately 50 clients across public and private sectors during the 2012 NATO Summit in Chicago. The event had been scheduled to run consecutively with the G8 Summit (ultimately, moved from Chicago), drawing protestors for both events. Client personnel, physical assets, and business continuity in and around secured areas were actively threatened by organized protest groups.


Data obtained from over 6, 000 human intelligence (HUMINT) sources in the field was fused with social and other open-source (OSINT) media through Pinkerton’s Threat Monitor. Actionable intelligence was disseminated to clients through a Common Operating Picture (COP). Clients could monitor near real-time alert notifications (via email and SMS texts) displayed geographically and approximately five hours of live-streamed video from GPS-tracked supervisors on the ground. 


Client assets – both personnel and property – remained entirely unharmed throughout the protests and demonstrations. Security Directors and Managers received advance warning of potential threats and adjusted protection assets and business operations on the fly. Client news organizations covered emerging situations before competing outlets even knew about them. Government entities – including federal, county, state, and local emergency management and law enforcement agencies – utilized Pinkerton’s intelligence as part of their operations.