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Case Location: Raipur, India


During the course of Education Verification, Pinkerton came across a University which has been non-operational since 2005. Also, during open domain searches it was revealed that the state government declared the University as unauthorized to issue any degrees or certificates. This triggered the suspicion that the college could be in the process of issuing fake education degrees/certificates.


An undercover agent was placed in the field to perform a mystery shop at the University to confirm if the request for issuing fake degrees was acknowledged. The undercover agent was not only able to get a verbal confirmation (The University officials admitted that they were not operational) of unethical practices but also gathered photographic evidences and references.


The proactive and detailed Investigation done by Pinkerton helped the client not only mitigate the risk of wrong hiring, but also to be cautious of all the candidates who have claimed completing a course/degree from the University in question. The evidence collected was also submitted to law enforcement for trials and prosecution.