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Case Location: Gurgaon, India


To establish an environment for the client to mitigate the various kinds of Risks and in designing the security scenario that will help in running smooth operations. This Includes: low to medium risks; weak emergency response measures; physical security threats and provide leverage to reduce cost on the protective equipment and use limited surveillance equipment; and, design a robust outermost tier.


A thorough Risk Assessment was carried out for the deployment of effective Security equipments and Security processes. Formulation of Security and other relevant SOP’s was carried out to establish a smooth and secure environment at the site.


Pinkerton ensured designing and implementation of robust Security design including the below mentioned domains proposed:

  • Tiered Security
  • T Con Levels
  • Security Manpower Deployment
  • Electronic Security Deployment
  • Access Control equipments
  • Surveillance equipments
  • Screening equipments
  • Documentation