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Case Location: New Delhi, India


A client approached Pinkerton with a case involving a scam estimated to be INR 5600 crores (approx. USD 0.9 billion). Pinkerton was tasked to conduct an Asset Tracing investigation on the Subject Company, associated companies, related parties and the scamsters.


Pinkerton incorporated a three pronged investigative technique that included:

Indirect Approach
The indirect approach included examination of a multitude of what appeared to be unrelated information.

Various Angle Approach
This included examination of public records from several vantage points to identify kin and friends who could point to crucial information.

People to People Connection
This helped step up the link/connection between document evidence and people.


Pinkerton’s thorough investigative findings revealed a list of properties belonging to the subject company, associated companies and related parties throughout the country.