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Case Location: Hyderabad, India


During the course of Employment Verification, we came across a company that did not exist on the address listed on the website. Open domain searches revealed that there was another company with the same name, based out of another state. The contact details of the suspected company mentioned on the website were also found to be registered under different companies, this triggered the suspicion that the company could be fake or is involved in issuing fake experience certificates


Pinkerton’s extensive experience with performing Company checks verifications helped and the following methodology was adopted.

  • Pinkerton’s undercover agent was placed on the field to investigate the existence of the company at the provided address.
  • During investigation, we were not only able to get a confirmation but also gather photographic evidences & references that the company never existed on the listed address.


The proactive and detailed Investigation by Pinkerton helped the client not only to mitigate the risk of wrong hiring but also to be cautious of all the candidates who have claimed gaining experience from the company in question.