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Case Location: Aviation Crash Site


A cargo plane for a global logistics provider crashed upon final approach to an airport. The crash site was located in a mainly rural area just outside the airport boundaries.


Pinkerton deployed its Global Response Services team to the remote crash site within a matter of hours, established a command post and began an on-site assessment. Working with the client’s Crisis Management Team, Pinkerton developed a security plan and standard operating procedures used to support the client. Pinkerton also provided executive protection support to families and employees affected by the incident, surveyed the crash site after it was released from NTSB, and secured the location where the aircraft wreckage and salvaged cargo were moved.


Pinkerton was given on-site operational command and was able to manage multiple sites without loss of cargo or other materials. Most importantly, Pinkerton provided a safe and orderly environment for the families, and employees affected by the incident.